Brilliant Child Toothbrush by Baby Buddy – Ages 2-5 Years, When Molars Appear, Micro Bristles Clean All-Around Mouth… Price: $24.99 (as of 16/01/2022 12:47 PST- Details)

Child Toothbrush of The Brilliant Oral Care Program that grows with you and your child from birth, customized for each age and stage, to help develop a love of brushing and good oral habits
Little kids and children love the Brilliant Child Toothbrush and moms approve -innovative design featuring soft round tipped bristles 360˚ around brush for child to properly clean teeth without twisting wrist
10 times more bristles enables greater removal of plaque, food particles and effectively cleans and massages baby’s tongue, teeth and gums, when compared to conventional, one-sided toothbrushes