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Your kids will love making these adorable paper plate birds! One of my go-to craft supplies is is a paper plate. So simple, so great!

I always have a stack of them in my craft cupboard because they’re inexpensive and just so versatile. You can make all kinds of kids’ crafts with paper plates! Like this adorable paper plate bird!  

Kids will love all the painting, color-mixing, cutting and gluing that this craft involves. Gotta love a craft that looks this cute, and is packed with skill-development too!

Paper Plate Bird Craft

{Adorable} Paper Plate Bird Craft

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How to Make Paper Plate Bird Craft

  • Start by having your child paint her paper plate with the colors she’s chosen.  
  • This is a great opportunity for kids to explore color and color-mixing. Older children may apply their paints quite deliberately, while younger children may blend them all together. Let them! It’s a wonderful way for them to see first-hand what happens when they mix certain colors together!
  • When the paint has dried, snip through the outer edge of the plate, and cut out the inner circle.
  • This inner circle will be the body of your paper plate bird.  Older children can do the cutting with little or no assistance, while toddlers will require help. You may even need to do this step yourself, depending on the age of your child.
    Making a paper plate bird
  • Now, take the outer ring and cut three pieces from it.
  • The two longer pieces will be the wings, and the shorter piece will serve as a tail. Your child can decorate these with craft feathers. 
  • Googly eyes and a foam beak are glued to the center piece to form the bird’s face.

Assembling a paper plate bird

Assembling Your Bird Craft:

  • To assemble the bird, your child will simply glue their feathered pieces behind the center piece just slightly in from the edge. One wing on each side, and the tail feather up at the top.

Isn’t he adorable?

Paper Plate Birds Craft for Kids


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We hope you enjoy making this paper plate bird! What are some other fun crafts you’ve made out of paper plates? Leave us a comment!

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