The Best Fairy House Garden Kits for Kids

These fairy garden kits are some of the cutest kids gardening kits we have seen in a long time! They are inspiring whimsical ideas that get kids excited about gardening.

If you don’t have room for an outside garden this summer, or even if you do and want to try something new, you can build a fairy garden with your kids.

Fairy Garden Kits

These kits are perfect for non-gardeners to start, with house shaped planters, fairies, furniture, and accessories like gardening tools and watering cans already included. Most kits also come with potting soil and fast growing seeds so your kids will see their gardens start to bloom quickly.

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Fairy Cottage Elevated Garden for Kids

This adorable fairy cottage is the next level of fairy houses. It features music, lighting, and mist, with a garden at the bottom and a garden on the roof, even a little pet dog for your fairies.

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Fairy Flower Pot House

Your garden fairies can move right into this flower pot house, complete with a toadstool watering apparatus on the roof.

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Fairy Unicorn Kids Gardening Kit

For kids who love unicorns and other mystical creatures, this Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise is the perfect garden house. It even comes with a pet unicorn for your fairies.

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Fairy Waterwheel Garden

This STEM-inspired fairy house features a solar powered windmill, along with a water wheel, along with a gourd shaped house for fairies to visit.

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Fairy Roof Top Garden Kit

The Fairy Garden Nature Cottage has a rooftop garden, a bridge to join other fairy gardens, a stream area, and even a little house for ladybugs to come live in. Wouldn’t your child love seeing ladybugs living with the fairies?

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Teeny Tiny Enchanted Garden Kit

We love this Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden. Your child can paint and design the main dish decorations. Then, add fairies, the flower house, and use the potting soil and seeds for a quick sprouting garden.

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Fairy Night and Day Garden Kit

This 2-in-1 Fairy Garden and Nightlight is perfect for kids’ rooms. Paint the fairies, unicorn, and house. Design and plant the garden. Then add the string of LED lights to turn your garden into a nightlight.

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Fairy Swing Set

If you already have a fairy garden, why not expand with this Fairy Garden Swing Set? The base holds another garden for your fairies while a three swing rotating swing rises above.

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Fairy Treehouse Garden

This treehouse fairy garden looks a little bit like a castle to us, with the plants growing out of the different levels. The butterfly accents add the perfect complement to the treehouse, and lights and music play. The door even opens for the fairies to visit inside.

Fairy Light Treehouse

With the Fairy Light Treehouse – Grow your own garden for fairy Amaya and her owl friend Hootie. Playset includes everything you need to grow the whimsical light up treehouse that works great for bedside night light.

Whichever kit you decide to try, your child will love growing their own fairy garden, especially when the houses are just this cute.

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Which fairy garden was your favorite?

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